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"What the heck? This is supposed to be a good picture? It's not even focused!"

That's what makes it so beautiful. You know the scene: a street. Building on the other side, the cars, and a random person in the front. It could be any city in the world.

But what is that person doing? Looks like a woman wearing a het and fixing a scarf. But maybe she's holding a hanckerchief to her nose. Is she cold? Is she sick? Where is she going? Or coming from?

Having been taken in film rather than digitally (it was taken in the 50s) the color has this glow, almost smeared aspect to it. An imperfection that adds to the beauty of the overall image.

This photo was taken by Saul Leiter in New York, in 1958. He gave it the title "Street Scene, New York".

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