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The Chinese photographer Fan Ho was already featured on milia Verba. Today, we bring you another picture.

Before we begin, I ask that you look at the picture. Just look at it.

Your eyes are instantly drawn diagonally from the top right corner to the bottom left. And when you get there, you notice the woman. She is also looking down.

Three simple elements: a wall, a shadow, and a woman. And you can't help but to feel that the woman is sad. You (probably) don't know her, you don't know where she is, and you don't even know what is happening. But you still feel empathy.

This picture is called "Approaching Shadow". It was taken by Fan Ho in Hong Kong in 1954. When asked about it, the author explained:

"I saw a white wall near Causeway Bay. I asked my cousin to stand there, and she acted as the girl facing the approaching shadow. I made the composition first, and then I finished it by bringing in the triangular dark shadow in the darkroom. There was no shadow on the wall, actually. It means her youth will fade away, and that everyone has the same destiny. It’s a little tragic."

You can learn a bit more about him in this interview.

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